Public Talks

I’ve had the opportunity to share my research and related policy implications in a number of settings. I regularly engage in panel discussions, keynotes or leading facilitated conversations about the evolution of the U.S. criminal justice system, race and ethnicity in the U.S. and ways people can engage to dismantle cultural and structural racism. I am also a proud first generation student to attend college in my family and I enjoy talking with K-12 students about my experiences to empower and encourage everyone to attend college and some form of graduate school.

A recent podcast titled: “The High Price of Using Fines and Fees in the Criminal Justice System.” An interview with Laura Arnold of Arnold Ventures and Jeff Selbin, Berkeley University Professor of Law.

A panel discussion about a documentary True Justice: The Bryan Stevenson Story panel discussion (2020)

Webinar: New York’s Ferguson Problem & Campaigns for Reform (2020)

Community discussion with Youth about College: Baseball Beyond Boarders (2020)

Public Panel: Humanities Washington – Think and Drink (2018)

Campus Lecture: University of Washington Ferguson and Beyond Teach-in (2015)

Community Forum: Does Seattle Need a New Jail? (2009)

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