Courses I have taught since 2004:

Soc 270, Social Problems (Lecture w/ 350 students)

Soc 362, Race and Ethnicity in the United States (Lecture w/ 200 students, also taught as an on-line course)

Soc 375, Juvenile Justice (Lecture w/ 200 students))

Soc 401, Senior Research Practicum (“Payday lending,” “Criminal Sentencing,” “Race, Sports and Higher Education”) (25 students)

Soc 502, Teaching Sociology (10 graduate students)

Soc 518/519, Graduate Fieldwork Research Methods (15 graduate students)

The University of Washington, “The Course” “The Criminal Legal System as a Social Problem” –
A lecture by Alexes Harris (November 2020)

Interviews highlighting my teaching philosophy:

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